About Me - von-k-photo

I've always loved taking pictures.  There's a part of me that loves hanging on to memories, and there is a distinct pleasure in capturing a moment through a photograph.  I often find that the photograph triggers other memories of a time or place, or even a smell, that accompanied the moment the photo was taken.

I really started exploring photography more in depth back in 2004, when my parents gave me a Canon Powershot S2 IS for my birthday.  I started taking pictures in earnest with absolutely no idea what I was doing.  I really enjoyed it though, and I started to learn more about the tricks to controlling settings to achieve desired effect.  I learned that the S2 IS, while a great point-and-shoot, was never going to give me the best pictures that I really wanted.  So I started searching.  I would say that I started saving, too, but I've never really been much of a saver.

I stumbled across a great website, The-Digital-Picture.com, and there I found all the Canon reviews I could ever need along with friendly people in a community that were willing to answer questions.  I was on the right track, and soon narrowed in on my first DSLR choice.

I purchased a Canon Rebel XSi and the wonderful EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS in February of 2009.  I soon discovered the amazing control you can have over capturing scenery and memories with a DSLR, and I've never looked back.  Of course, I also caught the ever-present upgrade bug, which has caused me to pick up a small number of other lenses and trade up bodies a few times.  You can find my current kit here.  And I'm always looking.

I primarily enjoy landscape photography, perhaps due to my time growing up in Idaho and spending all four seasons outdoors doing various activities such as fishing, camping, backpacking, summer sports, skiing, and hiking.  But my photographic interests have broadened as my life has changed.

This brings me to my family.  I have a wonderful family, run in large part by my hard-working, intelligent and beautiful wife.  We have three young boys who work tirelessly to make sure that we work tirelessly cleaning up after them.  I have tried to broaden my photographic endeavors to include candids and portraits, but in large part these efforts have failed.  My family is hardly a very cooperative subject.  I doubt many shots of my boys will make it up on this site, but you may find the very occasional picture that I'm actually pleased with.

I hope you enjoy what you find here on the site.  Please leave a comment when you come or when you find something in particular that you like.

All the best,